I am interested in creating unknown spaces with narratives that represent pain, dark comedy, or even the grotesque: the part of the unconscious mind that normally the brain tries to hide or ignore. My work is about the proportion between my conscious and unconscious mind; I am particularly interested in following the dialogue between them.

 In my process, I explore the possibilities of merging the languages of drawing and painting. My paintings have balanced brushstrokes, geometric forms, and gestural marks that suggest figuration and often fragment into abstract compositions. These compositions are sometimes simple, complex and experimental.

Pain is pervasive in my paintings: bodily pain, the pain of limitation, and the pain of being human. Pain includes everything that needs to be relieved, and that’s how I help the viewers to identify with their own unconscious and face it inside of my art works. Pain is meant as a reminder of our joy, and the unpleasant as a reminder of ever-present beauty.